Become a Safe Spot

Safe Spot is a district-wide programme which offers an empathetic and supportive response to victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. It is a place where someone in need can have access to a private room and a phone so they can contact either local or national helplines for support, or to speak confidentially to their family and friends.

Our hope and our ask is that your organisation will join others already supporting this project, and consider being a Safe Spot. You too can help provide a lifeline for victims across the Bradford District.

As you’re reading this now (and we thank you that you are), there will be someone we don’t yet know about, living, breathing and fearing domestic abuse from their partner, ex-partner or family member. The time might come when a victim simply can’t take any more; a time when they have the courage to go to a safe place to access the support they so desperately need. A Safe Spot could be the place they choose to go to for that help.

Back to our ask of you and how we can make your organisation a Safe Spot.

The really important part.

We are not expecting you or your staff to become experts in supporting victims of domestic abuse. That is not what this project is about and it’s not possible. This project would, however, involve you and your staff committing to the Safe Spot pledge.

The Pledge

A Safe Spot should promise:

  • For your staff to attend a short and free information session that we will run so they are aware of what domestic abuse and sexual violence is and how to respond to a victim who asks to use your Safe Spot. This includes a commitment to train future staff as your team changes.
  • For all staff to know that if someone comes into your organisation and asks for a Safe Spot, they know instantly what that person is asking for and will respond in a kind and caring manner.
  • That your organisation will have a designated Safe Spot ambassador(s) who will be responsible for embedding this project in your organisation; feedback to our Project Manager with any suggestions on how to improve this service and attend a meeting every six months. 
  • That you will provide a private room with free access to a phone.
  • That you will display information that we will provide on domestic abuse and sexual violence for the victim.
  • That you will promote that your organisation is a Safe Spot – we will provide the posters, you’d just need to display them clearly.
  • That you consent to be listed as a Safe Spot on our literature and website, and to commit to an annual review of your involvement. 

If this is something you are interested in becoming, please contact us on

Find a Safe Spot

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Safe Spot is a district-wide programme which offers a place where you can have access to a private room and a phone so you can contact either local or national helplines for support, or to speak confidentially to your family and friends.

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Address: Keighley Rd, Bingley BD16 2RD

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Bradford Fire Station

Address: 540 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 9SB

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Fairweather Green Fire Station

Address: 1003 Thornton Rd, Bradford BD8 0EH

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