About us

Who we are

Bradford Metropolitan District Council works with multiple partner organisations to support all sorts of people who are experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. 

What we do

Working together, our teams have specialist knowledge and experience to help not only the individual, but in some circumstances, the whole family too. 

Our multi-agency teams exist to take positive action, change attitudes and improve the lives of anyone affected by abuse. 

To find out more, click here to read about our District wide strategy in full or the summary.  

Our mission

  • We listen to the voices of survivors, believe in them and act protectively.
  • We support and empower survivors to make informed choices, make changes and live free from the fear of abuse. 
  • We are bold in challenging the abusive behaviours of those causing harm and combining that with support when it will improve outcomes for all. 
  • We will strengthen the district wide understanding of need by accessing and analysing available data, evidence, service standards and intelligence. 

Our values

  • Our success is built on core values which are embedded in all we do
  • We respect ourselves, each other and our communities. 
  • We care for each other and treat each other with kindness. 
  • We share ideas, resources, knowledge and skills, as well as our challenges and opportunities so that we can all be the best we can be. 
  • We protect each other and the world we share so we can be happy, healthy and safe.